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​The UNCA reciprocates credentials and service history on a select basis.  Applicants with the following backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the UNCA Fast Track Board Certification Program :

  • Active Chaplains in good standing with their organization;
  • Licensed Counselors and Therapist;
  • Human Resource Professional with at least 15 years of demonstrated experience;
  • Active or retired Medical Professionals ( RNs, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Doctors).
  • Senior members of NGOs providing services similar to the UNCA role they are applying for; and 
  • Interfaith Leaders with at least 10-years of demonstrated experience.  

UNCA Board Certified Chaplains provide services on a volunteer basis until the completion of their infield review period. Once fully credentialed, Chaplains are paid a per diem ranging from $100 to $500 depending on role and experience. 

Are you a world-changer? The UNCA is actively building to expand its reach and scope and you could be the missing link. Tell us more about you by completing and submitting the UNCA Virtual Introduction Form below.

The UNCA is powered by Board Certified Chaplains, Advisory Council Members, Community Care Coalition Partners, and volunteers. Interested in learning more about how you can become a member of the UNCA? We are interested in meeting you! Click below to register and find upcoming dates for our next UNCA Virtual Open House.



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UNCA BCC Qualifications and Application

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Become a UNCA Chaplain

​As a United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA), Board Certified Chaplain (BCC), you will be recognized as a professional serving in one of the most diverse and impactful associations of its kind. Read more to learn about becoming a Chaplain with the UNCA.

Minimum Qualifications:

•      CET Chaplain applicants must demonstrate a minimum of 10 years of community service/ development within their assigned neighborhood; 

•      Possess, have access to, or demonstrate an ability to receive and distribute material resources and services within the specified neighborhood;

•      Ability to serve as a consultant or expert to an interdisciplinary team;

•      Understanding of, and ability to respond to the particular concerns and issues pertaining to treatment of “whole communities’ (i.e., gender, religious, and various cultural competencies);

•      Knowledge of the structure, regulations, practices, and programs of interfaith spiritual and emotional care delivery systems or have the ability to complete required training;

•      Ability to interpret and apply a body of rules, policies, and procedures from within the UNCA;

•      Ability to develop and maintain liaisons with a variety of outside organizations; and

•      Bachelor’s degree preferred, though, waived through breadth and scope of demonstrated community development, certifications, etc.


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UNCA Fast Track Board Certification Program

Human Resources Portal

Virtual Introduction Form

​As a United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA), Board Certified Chaplain (BCC), you become a part of one of the country’s most dynamic professional agencies, with a powerful reputation for supporting and promoting community growth. On a given day, UNCA chaplains coordinate the delivery of social and economic resources, build key relationships with community groups, public advocates, local congregations, educational institutions, political officials, corporate and foundation leaders in a specified neighborhood, through prospecting and tactics supporting the implementation of a strategically practical, comprehensive, results-oriented plan, to meet the needs of America’s neighborhoods.

The UNCA is actively recruiting chaplains to serve in the following divisions:

  • First Responders Chaplain Corp (FRCC)
  • Corporate Chaplains Care Team- Workforce Support (CCCT)
  • Disaster Management Unit (DMU)
  • Social and Economic Development Unit
  • Crisis Counseling and Interventions Unit (CCI)
  • Societal Reinstatements and Development Unit (SRD)