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Now, more than ever, first responders need trusted, professional support. The sights and sounds experienced by professionals in law enforcement, fire, and EMS have a resounding impact on them. Whether engaged individually by a first responder or through their department, the UNCA First Responders Chaplain Corp provides one of the best preemptive and proactive care solutions.

Below are a few areas the UNCA FRCC supports first responders or their agencies.

Chaplain Services

Ministry of Presence: Participate in ceremonial or special events by delivering non-denominational prayer or an inspirational message.

Notifications and Bereavement: Assist in providing death notifications and be available to support bereaved family members following accidental death, homicide, suicide, or death in the line of duty.

Negotiations Support: Provide a faith-based connection to assist SWAT or negotiators during a call-out o promote positive outcomes.

Ceremonial Officiants: Support major life events by performing weddings, funerals, and memorial services for first responders of their immediate families.

Emotional & Spiritual Care

Critical Incident Care: Provide critical incident counseling or other counseling services in collaboration with clinical specialists on and off duty.

Personal & Professional Counseling:Provide confidential support and counseling to resolve problems in a first responder’s life such as marriage, professional career, or personal conflicts.

Bedside Support: Visit sick or injured first responders or their immediate family in the hospital or at their residence.

Personal & Professional Development: Provide workshops, devotionals, or events on topics such as marriage, parenting, finances, or career development.    

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First Responders Support Services