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Initiative #133309
Broward County FL Community and Economic Redevelopment


​Initiative Overview

Located in beautiful South Florida, Broward County is world-known for its beaches, shopping, and yachting. Though uncommon wealth can be found in the area, there is also an underserved demographic of those in need of economic opportunity. Family poverty rates continue to increase in the County, although 60 percent of economically-poor families have at least one working adult. According to the 2014 population estimates, 15 % of Broward County residents are under the poverty line.

In partnership The Lion’s Den Missions Base Rapid Response Team ( and the Tree of Life Food Bank (, the UNCA mobilized a long-term effort to assist with providing social and economic opportunities through the establishment of two community resource site: The Village Mobile Home Park (The Village): Owned and managed by Riverstone Communities (Riverstone), located in Florida, The Village Mobile Home Park is home to over 500 families. With the community being primarily comprised of families earning income under the poverty line, the UNCA partnered with Riverstone to deploy a long term social and economic impact campaign. In July 2016, the UNCA began supporting the over 1500 residents with weekly grocery deliveries, peer-to-peer program support, free children’s summer programs, tutoring, and language assistance.