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Social Media Policy #43604

The United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) engages people through many digital outlets, including and popular social media platforms. Communicating with UNCA through social media further enables people to contact UNCA in a direct and meaningful way. The goal of UNCA social media engagement is to be a helpful medium with information that is conducive to real-time discussions and useful feedback. Most UNCA social media pages allow interaction in the form of user comments. Users are encouraged to be collaborative and respectful of each other when commenting on official UNCA social media.  

Be aware that when engaging with UNCA through social media, you are agreeing that:

The United Nations Chaplains Association shares information, images, and video with recipients through external social media websites. Comments made by users of these sites are reviewed and, while comments will not be edited by UNCA personnel, a comment may be “hidden” or deleted if it violates the comment policy described herein:

  • Obscene, indecent, or profane language, pictures and/or videos.
  • Threats, personal attacks, or defamatory statements.
  • Hate speech directed at race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability.
  • Fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading information.
  • Comments not related to the posted topic of the UNCA social media page or post.
  • Multiple successive off-topic posts by a single user or repetitive posts copied and pasted by multiple users or spam.
  • Promotion or endorsement of services and products. 
  • Comments advocating illegal activity or posting of material that violates copyrights or trademarks of others.
  • Violate any local, state, or federal laws and/or is otherwise unlawful.
  • Campaign materials promoting or opposing an individual in an election for political office.
  • Comments promoting the sale of goods and services not related to UNCA’s mission or which run afoul with state procurement regulations and price gouging laws, when applicable. 
  • Comments investigated to have been generated by fake, spam, or “spoof” accounts. 
  • Divulges personally identifying information of the user or personally identifying information of a third party. 

This policy is subject to amendment or modification at any time. Users are welcome to submit or post content, including photographs and videos, to an official UNCA site where the agency allows users to post content, the content meets the standards articulated in this policy and pertains to the subject of the social media site. Users may only post their own, original content. Reproduced or borrowed content that reasonably appears to violate third party rights will be deleted. Users should have no expectation of privacy when posting to UNCA site. All information posted on UNCA social media platforms are for illustration purposes and must be independently and professionally verified by each recipient.

Educational Standards

Together with its organizational partners, UNCA has established standards for professional chaplaincy. Members must demonstrate that they meet these standards for professional knowledge and skills to become certified through UNCA’s affiliate, Camden Universit and Graduate School of Theology (Camden). Camden certification and designation programs elevate professional standards, enhance member performance, and designate professionals who demonstrate specified knowledge to respond to community crisis.


Standards Operating Practice for Board Certified Chaplains

The United Nations Chaplains Association employs Standard Operating Practices (SOP) to provide members with a framework for professional practices and a framework for evaluation. The UNCA’s structured SOP also meant to assist various public and private sectors in understanding and assessing professional chaplaincy.