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Professional Standards

The United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) is committed to upholding standards for professional competence, conduct and accountability. These standards are delivered through continued learning and promotion of exceptional chaplaincy care of individuals, families, organizations and communities.


Educational Standards

Together with its organizational partners, UNCA has established standards for professional chaplaincy. Members must demonstrate that they meet these standards for professional knowledge and skills to become certified through UNCA’s affiliate, Camden University and Graduate School of Theology (Camden). Camden certification and designation programs elevate professional standards, enhance member performance and designate professionals who demonstrate specified knowledge to respond to community crisis.


Standards Operating Practice for Board Certified Chaplains

The United Nations Chaplains Association employs Standard Operating Practices (SOP) to provide members with a framework for professional practices and a framework for evaluation.    

The UNCA’s structured SOP also meant to assist various public and private sectors in the understanding and assessment professional chaplaincy.

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