Community Care Coalition (CCC) Overview

 The UNCA creates Community Care Coalitions (CCCs) by joining key community stakeholders to support in responding to critical issues within their respective neighborhoods. CCCs are comprised of non-profits, service providers, faith communities, businesses, and other organizations that can support their community's underlying needs. This combined partnership serves to promote and maintain community morale by proactively resolving unmet needs.

The success of the UNCA hinges on the strength of its partners. Who are CCC partners? The UNCA is inviting the following organization types to support their community by joining the UNCA CCC:


  • Food Banks, Distributors, and Retailers: organizations providing food and water.  
  • Children & Family Agencies: agencies providing enrichment programs, financial support, education, and counseling to families. 
  • Faith-based Communities: churches, mosques, temples, and other religious institutions providing spiritual and emotional care, tangible resources, and volunteers to serve (i.e., warehousing, distribution) to support the CCC.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: non-profit organizations possessing committed resources for the communities they serve.
  • Transportation: companies providing and/or arranging personnel/vessels (truck, aircraft, ships, etc.) to transport critical goods and services.  
  • Disaster Relief Agencies: agencies providing disaster relief throughout the disaster cycle.
  • Legal Organizations: organizations providing gratuitous or discounted legal services.
  • Medical Organizations: organizations providing gratuitous or discounted medical assistance.
  • Logistics: companies providing vessels (i.e., trucks, aircraft, ships, etc.) to transport critical goods and services.  
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care Providers: agencies providing psychological, emotional, and spiritual support.
  • Sustainable Agricultural Agencies: organizations providing goods or techniques for the production of food.
  • Financial Institutions: institutions providing gratuitous financial assistance (i.e., financial literacy, grants, etc.).
  • Trade Companies: companies providing gratuitous or discounted plumbing, roofing, electrical, construction, information technology, or other skilled services.
  • Goods Providers: organizations providing gratuitous or discounted goods such as water purifiers, generators, baby supplies, non-prescription medication, cleaning supplies, and other critical items.

To increase service delivery, CCC partners are given the opportunity to participate in joint conference calls, meetings, and training. 
As applicable, partners are required to present and maintain the licensure necessary to perform services.

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