United Nations Chaplains Association

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Impacted Lives :  7,887,502

Community & Economic Redevelopment


​​​The United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) is a global organization of multifaceted leaders with a heart to serve in domestic missions throughout the continental United States and the Carribean. UNCA members are highly respected and recognized across a wide industry spectrum including: Government, Healthcare, Law, Finance, Manufacturing,  and Various Interfaith-Based Operations.

In 2016, the UNCA has emerged as a leader in Disaster Relief management having coordinated with FEMA, The American Red Cross, and over 200 agencies to streamline services and impact the lives of millions affected by disasters. 
The UNCA provides its members with the resources and accountability needed to positively and tangibly impact their surroundings. In partnership with Camden University and Graduate School of Theology (Camden), the UNCA’s certification and designation programs provide its members with leading educational resources to provide progressive solutions to the most complex situation.
 Equipped with comprehensive training and a network of supportive progressive leaders, our members are equipped to respond to the needs of the in a moment’s notice.





 Hurricane Dorian Respone​

Deploying Hope to Those Who Need It Most!

In addition to its advanced Disaster Management program, the United Nations Chaplains Association actively deploys members in three distinct disciplines:

Crisis Counseling   & Intervention​​

Members of UNCA deploy to those in need.

Societal Reinstatement & Development