Impacted Lives :  12,001,453

Professional Standards

The United Nations Chaplains Association is committed to upholding standards for professional competence, conduct, and accountability. These standards are delivered through the continual learning to support and promote exceptional chaplaincy care of individuals, families, organizations and communities.

We focus on investing in those who invest in others.

Current Initiatives

United Nations Chaplains Association  members are continually working to improve communities across the globe. Stay abreast of our current initiatives to see how you can get involved.

Mission & Vision

The United Nations Chaplain Association has one simple, but robust mission— to help people in need and foster humane societies. We do that by maintaining a highly qualified network of responders. We want to make a difference.

"The UNCA is a professional agency focused on giving board certified members the opportunity to restore communities within a nurturing environment. The UNCA is devoted to the cause of economic re-development, social restoration and global rapid response to tragedy. UNCA achieves this vision bringing the world's most gifted community organizers, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, and governmental leaders to partner through a single platform, the United Nations Chaplains Association." 

Chairman of the Board

-Dr. Jason H. Jackson