Impacted Lives :  12,001,453

The 2017 Hurricane season is likely to be remembered as one of the most devastating periods in United States history. The wakes of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria can still be felt throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. During the 2017 hurricane season, the Tree of Life Food Bank and its partners coordinated and delivered over 2,000,000 pounds of food and resources throughout 20 Florida cities including Bonita Springs, North Miami, Pompano Beach, Avon Park, Lake Placid Lehigh Acres, Dunbar, Jacksonville, as well as, 8 cities in Puerto Rico.

On September 10, 2018, Hurricane Isaac became the 5th named hurricane of the 2018 season, as Hurricane Florence centered about 625 miles southeast of Bermuda, moving Westerly towards the Carolinas, with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph.  In response, the UNCA, through its network of emergency management agencies, local and federal officials, along with over 2000 faith-based centers, will leverage real-time data to ensure support reaches those who need it the most. 
Phase One: From September 14, 2018, through October 5, 2018, the UNCA coordinated with local officials to deliver food, resources and logistical support to those impacted in the Carolinas and neighboring regions. The UNCA successfully established distribution channels throughout the Southeastern U.S. and is narrowing its focus to identifying smaller, underserved populations within the impacted regions.  

The UNCA is provided

  • Multi-Agency Logistic Support
  • Damage Assessment 
  • Shelter Identification and Launching
  • Debris Removal
  • Home Interior Restoration 
  • Bulk Distribution Sites: To assist in the recovery of residents affected by the disaster the UNCA will establish and launch bulk distribution sites providing food, water, and supplies for residents of affected areas that are underserved. The purpose of the sites is to provide resources at the neighborhood level; directly into the hands of those who have been affected. The bulk distribution sites overcome challenges relating to transportation which often prevent citizens from receiving much-needed support.

Phase Two: From October 6, 2018 through December 31, 2018  the UNCA provided various recovery-based initiatives.

The UNCA will provide:

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Shelter Support
  • Case Management
  • Delivery of Material Resources
  • Establishment of Multi-Agency Centers (MAC's)


 Chaplain Brown and Chaplain Williams 

​Robeson County Emergency Operations Center

Initiative #772322
Hurricane Florence Relief Initiative