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As a member of the United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA), you become part of an esteemed non-government organization (NGO), revered for promoting social and economic development, disaster management, and leadership engagement throughout the continental United States and the Caribbean. The UNCA is powered by Board Certified Chaplains, Advisory Council Members, Community Care Coalition Partners, and volunteers. 

If you are interested in serving in any of the following roles you should attend our next Virtual Open House:

Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) Divisions:

  • First Responders Chaplain Corp (FRCC)
  • Corporate Chaplains Care Team- Workforce Support (CCCT)
  • Disaster Management Unit (DMU)
  • Social and Economic Development Unit
  • Crisis Counseling and Interventions Unit (CCI)
  • Societal Reinstatements and Development Unit (SRD)

UNCA Fast Track Board Certified Chaplains Program
The UNCA reciprocates credentials and service history on a select basis. UNCA Board Certified Chaplains provide services on a volunteer basis until the completion of their infield review period. Once fully credentialed, Chaplains are paid a per diem ranging from $100 to $500 depending on role and experience. Applicants with the following backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the UNCA Fast Track Board Certification Program :

  • Active Chaplains in good standing with their organization;
  • Licensed Counselors and Therapist; 
  • Human Resource Professional with at least 15 years of demonstrated experience;
  • Active or retired Medical Professionals ( RNs, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Doctors).
  • Senior members of NGOs providing services similar to the UNCA role they are applying for; and 
  • Interfaith Leaders with at least 10-years of demonstrated experience.  

Advisory Council Members Councils

  • First Responders Chaplains Corps: United States 
  • ​Corporate Chaplains Care Team: United States
  • Disaster Management Council: FL, GA, NC, SC, TX, LA, and the Caribbean
  • Crisis Counseling & Intervention Council: FL, SC, and NC
  • Societal Reinstatement & Development Council: FL, SC, and NC
  • Community and Economic Development Council: FL, SC, and NC
  • Children and Family Development Council: FL, SC, and NC
  • Mass Feeding Council: FL, SC, and NC


Volunteer Roles 

  • Event-Based Responders – Fill UNCA personnel gap in times of disaster or during large events (conferences, training, open houses) performing tasks such as data entry, warehouse support, registrations, vendor calls, logistic supports, and other critical tasks.
  • Personnel Liaison (Junior and Senior) – Assist with the recruitment, placement, record keeping, recognition of volunteers and UNCA chaplains.
  • Community Partnerships Liaison – Engage potential and existing UNCA partners (vendors, task force members, etc.) to advance UNCA initiatives during times of disaster and “blue sky.”
  • Logistic Support Liaison- Support the UNCA in the redistribution of critical goods and services by coordinating wit UNCA partners, task force members, and regional chaplains.​



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