United Nations Chaplains Association

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                                                             ​UNCA Membership

The United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) through a peer Board Certification Committee, provides the UNCA Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) certification to applicants who have met the personal, academic, and professional requirements of high-quality chaplaincy/pastoral care. Applicants must receive UNCA BCC certification to be considered active members. UNCA membership attests that the member has been regarded by his or her peers as one who meets exceptional and rigorous professional standards. UNCA asserts membership to be continuing, not terminal and contingent on active participation in community efforts and continuing educations.

Applicants must receive a Certificate for Fundamentals of Chaplaincy from Camden University.  They must have served as an Event Base Responder, completing a minimum of six (6) months volunteering in the areas of disaster relief, crisis counseling, societal reinstatement, and community development. Applicants must have accrued field hours and acquired a validated skill-set to effectively function at a regional and global level. All Camden University required coursework, UNCA training, and necessary recommendations must be submitted with membership applications.


Benefits of Membership

  • Membership in a professional society with established national certification standards, standards of practice, and a code of ethics
  • Exclusive access to enriching educational opportunities, such as the annual conference and local meetings
  • Membership in an organization that advocates for professional chaplaincy at the international, regional, and local levels
  • The opportunity to be involved in critical projects and participate in leadership at various leadership levels​
  • Enriching opportunity for professional development fostered through relationships with members from various cultures and disciplines
  •  Access to a variety of publications, including a regularly published newsletter and professional journals

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​Application Requirements

​Requirements to apply for UNCA membership are as follows:

 1.) Complete Camden University- Fundamentals of Chaplaincy Certificate course.

2.) Compile Application Packet and submit online after Camden Certificate has been received

3.) To submit UNCA membership online application go the careers. Tab, (follow the directions)  
      and upload the application packet. http://www.uncpa.us/careers.html
​                                                                   (There is a $ 150.00 USD processing fee)

         Application Packet should include:

  • Transcripts from the applicant’s academic institutions of learning (postgraduate and graduate school programs)
  • Copy of valid driver’s license, state or government identification
  • National criminal history report obtained from www.FBI.gov
  • Current personal resume and /or biography
  • A detailed list of community service experiences (include dates, locations, and outcomes)
  • Current professional/ministry resume (if applicable)
  • Copy of academic and professional, certificates, achievements or awards, memberships, designations and/or honors to date.
  • Two endorsements from a recognized group/groups of Christian faith
  • Two professional endorsements
  • Letter of approval from the UNCA’s Certifying Commission and Board (This letter signifies that the applicant has submitted all necessary documents to be admitted to the BCC program of Camden University)​

For applicants who are ordained pastors, ministerial persons, and/or chaplains please submit the following in addition to other required materials:

Pastor or Overseer recommendation (If applicable, this letter of recommendation may also fulfill the requirement for endorsement letter if necessary.)
Copy of ministerial license and/or ordination certificate (if the applicant is licensed or ordained by another organization)

4) Expect email correspondence after application process is concluded

* Upon application assessment, a BCC program administrator may contact applicants regarding educational prerequisites, if applicable. Some academic/transcript requirements may be waived based upon documented experience and UNCA Board approval.
**UNCA considers reciprocation of those certified under other organizations on a case by case basis.