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In partnership with the United Nations Chaplain's Association, Camden University and Graduate School of Theology (Camden) customized a Board Certified Chaplaincy (BCC) program, in which the pre-requisite course is Fundamentals of Chaplaincy. This program is designed to advance professionals standards, develop individual performance and certify professional chaplains who demonstrate advanced proficiency in chaplaincy care. The BCC program consists of standards-based instructional courses that contain principles for effectively deploying strategy at the individual and community level. Camden's UNCA tailored training ensures our Chaplains are equipped to provide a value proposition in the most complex cases. 

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About Camden University

Camden University & Graduate School of Theology is one of the nation's leading institutions of learning in chaplaincy training for Disaster Response and Relief, Societal Reinstatement and Development, Community and Economic Development, as well as Crisis Counseling and Intervention. Camden’s progressive program includes standards-based coursework that provides necessary skills in the areas of logistics, organizational & business principles, leadership, emotional & spiritual care, and strategies for chaplaincy. In addition, Camden’s program also provides practical applications and assessments to promote the reinforcement of strategic operational skills for impactful chaplaincy.

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The Objective of Board Certified Chaplaincy 
Board Certified Chaplaincy (BCC) courses of study prepare students with ​the knowledge and skills necessary for impactful chaplaincy. This framework consists of standards-based instructional courses that contain principles for effectively responding to various needs during crisis circumstances and for implementing crisis-related management skills. Presented in Phases of Study, each Phase is principle-based and provides skills for communication, leadership, business & organizational interactions, spiritual care, and other related areas expressed in chaplaincy.

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